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Community Spotlight – Get Involved

Community Spotlight – Get Involved

Making an impact for the better in your community can be a rewarding feeling. Countless organizaitons are able to sustain their mission from the helping hands of community members. From food pantries, local soup kitchens, humane societies, and more; your involvment can help your community in a major way.

Becoming passionate for a cause in your community is easy and a great way to promote advocacy; however, many people have a difficult time finding the opportunities available to them. Newly developed resources such as: knowledgeinitiative.org/community-spotlight make it simple for community members of the greater Chicago area to find community events to get involved. With countless events and volunteer opportunities you can find ways to promote the cause with your friends and family.

There will always be a need for volunteers. Discover what you’re passionate about, consider your skill set, and seek opportunities that can make a positive impact for your community.