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Caregiver’s Corner

Caregiver’s Corner

As parents, we strive to seek the best for our children despite the obstacles that are faced. Taking this into consideration, parents with children living with disabilities are faced with different obstacles than that of other parents. As questions and concerns continue to rise, they seek an opportunity for help to ensure the well-being of their child. 

With questions, concerns, and the need of support; parents are turning to caregivers and resources to point them in the right direction. Considering this, a resource has been developed to help parents and caregivers alike to cater to their needs as they walk through this special journey with their child.

Caregiver’s Corner is designed to be a comprehensive listing of organizations, support groups, events, services and opportunities to empower parents and caregivers of children with disabilities.

This resource not only helps parents and caregivers with unanswered questions, but can also help them find the support they seek and become involved in events that are specific to the needs of the child. From special events and support from the community, families can find the piece of mind they’ve been looking for.